Friday, June 06, 2014

The needy's need to be needy

Instant gratification; we are all guilty of it, well, at least I am. Ha. Anyway, this is possibly, in my opinion, the number one killer of goals or satisfaction.

Throughout my time on this earth, I have learned that if anything is worth having, its worth working hard for. With that said, let it be known that although I consider myself a hard worker, I can always do better to achieve my goals and aspirations. Moving on, I find it hard to swallow when I see someone putting long term goals aside or ideals for instant gratification. The feeling of desire is a STRONG one.... but as ADULT humans, we should be able to sort through our feelings and come to a conclusion that should suit out goals and meet our desired short term needs.

A person told me some years ago, after telling me that I placed a close second to someone in an interview, that I should continue to work hard to achieve my dreams, as the hard work I do now, WILL absolutely pay off. I am paraphrasing, but that's the gist of what was told to me. I try to live by this statement and use it everyday to re-evaluate myself. I know what I want and I know what I need to do to get it. I also know that I need to constantly evaluate what I am doing to reach those goals. I also know that I need to tweak things and check myself to stay on track. I believe that this applies to all things in life - business, personal relationships, friendships and matters of the heart. I also understand that whatever it is you want will be EXACTLY what you will reap. 

I constantly ask myself, what is it that you want? Is it the long-term, satisfying, full feeling of waiting and working hard for something you really want, or is to be needy. Need of the instant gratification that has you constantly wanting more.

Ultimately, its the needy's need to be needy that will win out. We have a choice.

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