Sunday, April 20, 2008


I can't help it; I have to be inspired to create works via the medium of writing. I have a hard time being my own inspiration; this is why posts on my blog have been few and far between.

I have very little outside stimulus. I have great conversation with my girlfriend, but fulfilling conversation from others, trips or visuals have been sporadic.

Recently, I have been contemplating my role in society. Not society as a whole, but in my little slice of the community that I live in. I learned a long time ago that I probably can't reach everyone. But by reaching a few, maybe the trickle-down effect would be enough to get more people involved reading my work, therefore doing my part and adding some sort of validation to what I do.

I think that is what has been the problem. Artistic expression is for personal validation. You do it for yourself, recognition is just an aside. People do what the love because it is just that - a love. Passion stems from an inner need to get out. A need to have an outlet. Something that you like doing. Something that you think you might be good at. For me, expression through written words has always been a little slice of goodness; with my inability at times to express my self through speaking, I turn to this as a means to an end for expression.

I am not much of a fiction writer. Understandably, as I get older, I learn to mask life experiences in story, but literally. Fiction writers have a knack for telling their life in words, but without personalizing them; that is truly artistic. I am more like an analyst. I am able to make what is good, better. I can take someones idea and run with it, but my own ideas might be few.

Stimulus is the grounds for change and advancement of society. An old master said it best; "Hot water will not remain hot without adding more hot water". And that is the truth.

Inspiration is the hot water that keep the wheels churning for me. And, I surmise, for all artists. Just by writing about my lack of inspiration, maybe I can find some deep down inside. Maybe I can inspire the reader of this to look at what is around them.

I love to express myself. I am an artist in my own right, and I admire anyone that can shape someone by doing what they love to do. People that collect, aren't the ones that move the world. Those are the ones that hold us back - they don't add their flavor to the circle that they live in.

Culture, as I define it, is the person, places or things that helped shape who you are. And when you live in a culture that is devoid of forward thinking or expression, then you lose inspiration.

I had an interesting talk with a few good friends last night, and it was enlightening. I kind of felt that who I am is important, whether or not I am recognized.

In closing, thanks for the inspiration......whoever, or whatever you are.......