Thursday, January 19, 2006

Well, fucking do you?!?!?!?!

This post was written in response to a post made by a young kid in our SxE community (he is 16). His original post was, in so many words, "Fuck sellouts". It sparked a pretty heated debate and it sparked a rant by me that even I didn't think I had in me. Maybe it was a long time comin.... here it is.....

I can truly see both sides of this coin. I mean, who wants to hear from a super new kid shit like, "FUCK SELLOUTS". Shit, he/she hasn't even had time to get into some shit that might make him/her re-think his/hers commitment. Read: The number of sellouts after the Gehenna incident....

I can also see that we need to be more supportive of the kids coming up. They are the ones that will carry the torch and they need a support group to keep them coming around.

Now I don't know who EVERYONE is who comes to shows, nor do I like all the bands that I hear from this town. But I do know that as long as there are kids around, I will support their right to be edge. They will always have my respect. But if they sellout, well, then I can't truthfully say that I will still. There are old friends of mine that sold out, but I still love them to death and most of 'em still come to shows.

Its not about who is around the longest. It is about who is around RIGHT NOW. Trust me, I have seen people sellout that have had fucking 10 SxE tattoos. I don't give a fuck about your level of commitment to the X. Who cares? I care that you are and that you continue to be. Thats all.

But if you do decide to be a sellout, don't leave a fucked up legacy for us dudes still around to fucking clean up. Don't be fuckers and use the edge as a status sign. Don't think anyone won't tell you you fucking suck if you fuck up and do something to make us all look bad.

If your band has shitty lyrics or a dumbass name - expect to get shit. And also re-evaluate those things. Do you want that kind of attention? Or do you want people to respect you no matter what?

Do you walk around blaring your edgeness or do try to do things that will promote SxE and its growth?

Do you carry yourself in a manner that people can respect? Do you fucking treat people like shit? Do you treat the girls in your scene like shit? Do you disrespect the old guys, the ones that held this fucker up while you were still sucking moms tit? Do you know the bands that shaped this scene? The bands that shaped the hardcore scene in general?

Do you think it is a fucking fashion show? Do you dance because it is cool, or do you do it because you are pissed and it is a way for you to go off?

WELL, DO YOU????!!!!!!

Sorry, that needed to be said.