Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Across the lines

Its often been said that successful relationships take much work; I subscribe to this, but I offer this in return. I believe that relationships are difficult, but only because people make them that way. I hold the belief that there are certain things that make ANY relationship successful and when you follow those, the relationship status will take care of itself.

In my experience, a relationship of any kind (business, personal, or love) is one that both parties have a vested interest in and will do whatever it takes to make successful. A relationship takes sacrifice. A relationship is a PARTNERSHIP, plain and simple. When you enter into a partnership, you also acquiesce to the fact that NO ONE gets everything they want. It's impossible to consider yourself without first considering your partner. It seems so simple, but with my lack of success in relationships, I have found that there is one binding action....... being inconsiderate of your partner.... that will cause a relationship to fail.

Most relationships for me have been a lot of me giving and not receiving. Of course, I have done my share of taking also. For the most part, I believe that I have a firm grasp on what makes a relationship successful. Trust, respect, being a good listener and lover, being insightful and being able to really put your partners thought and needs into action. It doesn't take much to make someone happy - take what they say and do it. Listen and be open to communication or moving out of your comfort zone. Relationships shouldn't be comfortable; they are a time of discovery and growth. Growing with your partner is a great way to try new things with someone you love and trust. Let it go!!!!!

In closing, I guess that if someone can take a morsel out of this and apply it to their own relationship, that would be a success for me. I've made the mistakes and had the successes..... please keep yours as new and shiny and great as it once was. Thanks for listening.