Sunday, January 11, 2009

Late in the game

Screw it, I am a late bloomer. I read an astrology article once (yeah, I know, lame) that suggested that Cancers were late bloomers and they tended to be successful later in life; whatever you guage success as.....

Anyway, I have again immersed myself into martial arts and have enjoyed reading of several great martial arts books. So what you say? Well, I have been searching for enlightenment all these years, and now, with a few years off from any sort of any deep thought really, I have come to an absolute point for my life; life itself is enlightenment!!

Let me wax on this point; it isn't that I didn't know, I just didn't realize it. I don't need church, nor do I think Jesus, if he existed, really gave me an easy way through this life - he didn't, and we all know how. But much of my circle understands my plight; we all grew up the same and ended up in the same place; right here.

I took about 3 solid years off from the practice of martial arts to rekindle my love of riding and racing motocross bikes. Although not exactly unsuccessful, it was expensive and injuries were costly to my wallet, personal life and physical abilities. Anyhoo, it seems that with a few years of contemplation of reading, watching and not a full on practice of martial arts, I have become a much better martial artist. My body seems old, but my mind is younger; but in a strange paradox, my technique is far better now and I am now able to pull of feats in the gym that I never thought possible before. 

Why is this? Sometimes you need time to grow and realize what it is that you want and your reason for this shitty existence. I realize that it is just to become better and to grow as a person - to face your fears and to realize that life is just that; living. Inexperience is the devil, as my buddy Bart so profoundly told me years ago and his words have never been more evident than now.

On that tip, I will be refocusing my blog to include some interesting and hopefully witty anecdotes about training and life, and hopefully I can get some insight to all of you with interviews of interesting people that are around me and in my life. Besides, I can't do this shit alone..........