Tuesday, July 11, 2006

MMA, UFC, whatever......

I watched the UFC the other night and a few things came to mind.

The head bleeds real easy. A cut on it will look much worse than it really is. But they cause fight stoppages.

Ken Shamrock can't fight the UFC style anymore. He just doesn't have it in him.

Vanderlei Silva is gonna tear Chuck Liddels head off and feed it to him. Chuck actually looked intimidated.....fight over!!!

Andrei Arlovski is not the fighter eveyone thought he was. He has a great skill set, but like a fighter before him (Vitor Belfort) he has no confidence. Shit, Frank Mir beat Tim Sylvia and Mir can't fight past the first two minutes now. The gay russian porn star can finally be out of your hearts.

Last, but not least, the Pride style of fighting lends itself to the actual mixed martial arts style that the Gracies intended it to be. I find it ironic that they invented the UFC and now Pride is what they have created.

The ring gives more opportunities for submission and more KO's as the cage leans more to the Tito Ortiz style.