Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Immortals

Death is constantly knocking on the door of our lives - shit, I could stumble out of bed, hit my head and be dead! Rhyme every time! Ha! Anyway, the only promise in life is death. I have had this discussion with many members of my family (friends) and there's always one question; what happens after we die?

Me, I've pondered this question more than I should've over the years. I've often struggled with the fact that I don't believe in any afterlife, at least not in the way that many think of it. I don't believe that you go anywhere, but into the ground and become fertilizer. I do believe that there is something bigger than us, but I don't believe that it has anything to do with what the fuck we are doing on this planet.

Life, itself, is fleeting; as is everything to do with life. Love, hate, struggles, successes all can be gone or come in a second. I've experienced what people would say is a miracle, but also experienced the absolute antithesis of that; losing all. That insight, is enough to implant the thought into my head - how do I become immortal? Do I want to be immortal?

Bart and myself had this discussion and he maintained that he wanted to be immortal - I couldn't get on board. Being consciously immortal wouldn't be rewarding. You wouldn't live with any sense of urgency. Who cares if you get up that day or not, you've got ETERNITY. As I said before, just as everything is born, everything dies. But I truly believe that you can be immortal......

Being Immortal is as simple as making yourself UNFORGETTABLE. Make your mark. Be that person. It doesn't matter with who or with what, but to the people that matter, make sure that they will never forget you. They will pass it on. No one worth not forgetting will EVER be forsaken. For me, that's what life is about. Put that indelible mark on the consciousness of those that need it or mean that to you...........

Everyone I hold dear to my heart, to me, are the Immortals.

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