Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Paradigm

She really is everything to me. Her familiar smell. The feel of her skin against the palm of my hand. The way her hip bones feel when I run my hand along her DANGEROUS curves. Her almond eyes. Her sparkly, white smile. Her ability to snap witty comments about like a whip. Her ability to rebuild me, brick-by-brick.

She has the ability to break me. But that is part of the allure; to be completely free with someone that you are willing let go of your preconceived notions of how a person should infiltrate your life. She allows me to be free. When I walk next to her, I know that my hopes, dreams, aspirations and goals are all hers, as well.

She comes in contact with people and they have a sense about her; they know she is intense and powerful and a force. They also know that she is soft and malleable. She is vulnerable; but maintains a sense of self. She is beautiful, beautiful to the core. Her mind makes me quiver in anticipation of the next conversation. Her heart makes me wonder what kind of thoughtful and selfless act will come next. Her smile allows me to lose myself when I look at her; its vibrant and earth-moving. Her expressiveness allows me to be confident in our connection. Her work ethic dwarfs my daily routine.

The Paradigm says that this couldn't happen; but it did. I would go through every single second of hardship, struggle and pain to be right here with her, again. Thank you for you.

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