Monday, January 23, 2012

No regrets

I rarely write on here anymore. It seems that my pursuit of the status and dollar that I used to despise so much has caught me in its clutches; it this the life we choose as we get older? Whats the reasoning behind it? Why do we ALL become what we despise so much? When do we take a step back and realize that we are, in fact, all that we hated.

I think it is that we hate the unattainable; I might have realized this because I've had so many damn convos about this subject lately, that maybe its just a light that needed to be shone on me. Its weird how the universe works, because these "moments of clarity" seem to come just at the right time.

I write a lot about missed opportunities and getting older and basically just regretting the things I DID NOT do. Well, as I get older still, I learn that it was for a bigger plan, that maybe I can make a mark in a different way and influence people with my perceived mistakes. Its a weird reality, but a reality that I see more and more everyday, at least for my life. Maybe writing and publishing these random writings is part of the plan?

I guess the point of this is to understand that the only thing you can count on is yourself and to do YOUR thing, day-in and day-out, peoples opinions be damned. That's not to say you should discount everything everybody says, as the special people around you have your back, but really, just do your thing and learn, every day.

Maybe there are no missed opportunities...... there certainly are no regrets........


La Carter said...

The responsibilty of life can be a real mood killer. Wouldn't it be great if we could pay the rent and have the things we want just by working at the thing we love? In a perfect world.

BillCarson said...

A few regrets, but you learn to live with them and learn how to be a better person, hopefully.