Monday, February 06, 2006

The XthingsX that we do......

So, with my infinite amounts of spare time, I have once again renewed my commitment to myself to be the best I possibly can be.

With this, I have taken part in and surfed my favorite forum group on Myspace. The one titled 'straightedge'.

Now what the hell does this have to do with making myself a better person? Well, it has everything to do with it. Maybe by having correspondence with the mass amounts of people that call themselves straightedge on myspace, I might learn something in my old age. Old dogs can learn new tricks.

But alas, I have not. I have only been able to reaffirm some things that I always thought all along.

1. There are so few of us that truly give a shit about Straightedge.

2. So few of us are actually talking about things that MATTER in life. What about the middle east and Irans refusal to let UN inspect their nuclear program. That is certainly important to me, you and well, everyone!

3. The discussions that do come up are rarely about anything but these few things - caffeine consumption and its place in straightedge, prescription drugs or porn.

These three things make me realize that I need to try my hardest to stimulate the minds of the people that I interact with. As I get older, I realize that my need for great conversation is at a paramount, and the people that I interact with on the NERD aren't doin' it for me.

My hope for straightedge is that with our "raised conciousness" that we become more than a force for change; that we ARE the change. We don't need to be the negative in the public eye. We need to be a positive and by not engaging in everyday conversation, then we aren't getting the message out.

I guess that I mean that I want more for the movement than it to die a slow death because of its commercialism; we need to show them that we are the true rebellion. Rebellion against rebellion!!!!


Anonymous said...

i know i get kind of tired hearing people talking about sxe and fighting all the time. so it's really a good idea to starting having more diverse conversations.

- Metal Jeff

Anonymous said...

Well said my man.. I definetly think that everyone needs to excersize proper articulation and good conversation, rather than ranting on about how tough they are in some useless tirade that does no one any good in the long run. Stimulating conversation is like health food for the mind and needs to be used more often, or else our generation, and the one that supercedes us, will go down as a bunch of ignorant knuckle-draggers that never really stimulated their minds enough to care about real issues that effect everyone in the world and not just themselves. In our country alone decisions are made everyday that effect our very own well-being, and often these go unrecognized because to many people are busy caring about how to personify the "idea" of themselves to the outside world. What should be happening is the careful consideration of the world that surrounds us and the way it effects us and how we can directly or even indirectly effect it. The world is gonna change wether we like it or not.. The catch is are we smart enough to fight for/against those changes and show true concern for the way we live.. not only as a generation but as a world of human beings that make decisions that effect everyone. Example- say you didnt vote in the last election, yet we still have the most ignorant degenerate turd as a president and like it or not that decision effects the whole world now and the world thinks everyone here actually elected that asshole(which i think is complete bullshit)... Just to show that even if you dont get out and vote or lobby or write letters to your congressman decisions are still going to be made on behalf of the people in a so-called "democratic" state. So have a say in what happens around you.. If you dont then someone else surely will...

Sorry for the tirade :)