Monday, February 27, 2006


You say that you are trying to do something, but still do it, don't waste your breath telling me about it.

You want to be my friend, I should have some redeeming qualities.

Your boyfriend is a dick to you, leave him.

You have had problems with your boyfriend in the past, but choose to stay with him, then don't remind him how fucked up he is every chance you get.

You don't want people to treat you like a slut, don't fucking act like one. If I have to explain it, don't ever fucking talk to me again. Really.

You have something good to say, say it. I welcome well thought out and sincere thoughts vocalised.

You tell me something, I take it at face value. Don't tell me something then expect me to decipher it. I don't have time for it.

You are a girl that only cares about looks or status, don't talk to me.

You are a dude that is too cool, fuck off.

I did something for you for the sake of just doing something for you, and you didn't at least say thanks, then you can fuck off too.

You think I am not good enough for you, then I am probably TOO good for you. People aren't made up of their degrees, status or cool fucking tattoos or hair cuts. It is truly what is inside that counts.

You have the "Pocahontas" complex, leave me alone. Being nice to me might make you a good friend, and might even make me desire you, but sooner or later, I will figure you out, you fucking snake. I know alot of people.

You think you have it so hard. There are many other people that deal with REAL problems on a regular basis.

You are so self-absorbed and drowning in your own sorrow so much that you can't stop to help a friend. You suck. Real bad.

And finally, if you think I am TOO jaded and TOO bitter...... Oh well!!! Its my fucking party and I'll bitch if I want to!!

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