Saturday, December 10, 2005

NCRA circa 1996

This photo is courtesy of Jose courtesy of Keven VDC. This is the Nor-Cal Reno Alliance around 1996. It is at a show that I cannot remember, but I am sure it is at Berekely Square. Those were the days.......starting with top row, two chicks I don't know, maybe one is Jose's ex whom I can't remember, next row, Mike Schmidt, Jim Severt, Leapin' Larry?, J-moneyless G, don't know, Brian McClaughery, Glenn Lemon(leaning), Kevin and Luke?, me(in red shirt), bottom row, two dudes I don't remember, Jose Galvan (sac sweatshirt), Bob, and Jess Brown. True family.


Big Bob said...

Word on this photo Cliff.
People you missed ...

The girl between Mike & Jim is Mandy...hahahhaha

The girl on the left of the pole is Jose's ex Corey. I do not know the other girl. Maybe one of those 2 sisters he knows.

That is leapin larry in the blue hoody. I have that hoody now. I stole it from Mandy in the divorce. hahaha.

The dude leaning on Brian is Chris Crabbe. He has since sold out. He was at the takeover shows.

I do not know who the 2 dudes in the back row are.

Down in front - on Jose's immediate right is K-double. The dude on the end - I should know who it is but I cant think of it.

What show is this? Is this before the LA takeover show? Is this one of the Norcal Mouthpiece shows? Is this the secret SOIA/Beastie Boys show in Sacto that we went to on the way to LA for takeover? I need to know. Maybe Jose will help.

Nonetheless, this is the core of the NCRA and many of us still hold strong.

keven said...

true family? im next to santos (second from the left in the bottom row- the viewer's left) next to luke, that is shawn from the east coast, his old buddy. and its corey - joser's ex-girlfriend, with erica? and last but not least - it is the california takeover of 1996 in so-cal, earth crisis, snapcase and strife, later made into a live cd by victory (though the second show was way better than the cd) this was taken right before "the square-off" between the ncra and the monster crew? what a way to ruin the show. this was before the second of the two shows. that earth crisis set was one of the craziest ever. back when everyone was vegan - when they were'nt eating. geez we're getting old.